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General POA

General POA

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General POA

Power of attorney

Mypoa is a can provide Vehicle POA and Corporate POA. Our Online POA Service are dedicated on helping our customers understand their options. We provide budget-friendly rates, excellent results, and prompt services for clients in Dubai, UAE.

General POA

Get an Instant General Power Of Attorney with MyPOA

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal agreement between an individual or a company. General power of attorney authorizes one person or company to share its powers with another to act on their behalf. The person who authorizes is called the principal, doner, or grantor, and the one who is being authorized is called the attorney, donee, agent, or grantee. POA can be made for several private, business, financial, real estate, and legal affairs.

The age of the grantor is set to be over 21 years with a mentally stable mind. Foreign business owners who are authorized in another country must translate their documents into Arabic before being legalized in the UAE. MyPOA can handle such formalities for you to use a foreign POA in the Emirates.

It is mandatory for a grantor to sign in all powers and authorize a legal representative in the concerning affairs. Any wrongdoing associated with general POA or irrevocable signing of POA will be treated as fraud and will be prosecuted in a court of law. The grantor is allowed to cancel the POA anytime. Once the assigned task is completed or the grantor is deceased, the document becomes invalid. 

General Power of Attorney Dubai

General POA allows the authorized agent to get a substantial amount of power. The agent receives the legal right to decide and act on general, legal, and business matters associated with the principal. This includes powers such as buying real estate, setting up a business, or becoming a spokesperson to represent you in legal matters or before government officials.

However, a general POA does not provide unquestioning powers to the agent. They are still restricted by the guidelines or terms and conditions in the POA contract. A general POA also does not authorize the agent to sell vehicles, real estate, or shares of companies in the UAE.

Powers disbursed in General Power of Attorney

A general power of attorney Dubai allows the agent to perform the following duties:

  • Purchase and manage assets relating to real estate 
  • Set up business/businesses
  • Become a representative to handle general affairs before third parties, government departments, banks Etisalat, DU, DEWA and more.
  • Become a representative to handle legal affairs and appoint lawyers.
  • Purchase shares in businesses
  • Sign legal or general contracts and other documents.

Documents Required for a General Power of Attorney Dubai

A basic power of attorney requires two parties. One gives the power, and the other receives the power. Documents of both parties are required to draft and complete a online general POA in Dubai

The following documents are required to prepare a general POA in Dubai

  1. Copy of passport 
  2. Copy of the visa (required for UAE residents).
  3. Copy of the Emirates ID (required for UAE residents).

Who requires a Power of Attorney?

Generally, you may need a online general POA in the following scenarios:

  • If you wish to authorize your spouse, children, or any professional to maintain or handle all your legal proceedings or financial affairs on your behalf.
  • If you wish to authorize your employees to handle management or financial relating issues on your behalf in case of temporary or permanent absence.
  • If you wish to authorize someone to buy a property on your behalf.
  • If you wish to authorize someone to perform specific tasks at a defined time.

Validity of POA

A basic power Of attorney is valid for a fixed time duration. A POA is valid as long as the specified task is carried out keeping in mind the laws in the UAE. A general POA in Dubai  is valid for two years and has to be renewed later on. In case a POA is revoked, it is mandatory to inform it to the office that issues the document.  

The validity of POA depends on the reason for which it was issued. For example, you can use the POA for real estate transactions, like the purchase or sale of a property for a certain period of time. Once the POA expires, it is no longer valid to complete the transaction. It is crucial to understand that the rightfulness of the power of attorney relies on the general rules and local laws of Dubai in this matter.

For real estate concerns in Dubai, the POA  is valid for two years for sale and five years for the purchase of real estate properties.

Power of attorney can be renewed with specific terms and conditions relating to it at the Dubai Public Notary. It can also be revoked anytime by notifying the agent or Dubai Public Notary in writing. You must acquire the original document along with other copies and submit a written revocation appeal at the office where initially the POA was signed or issued.

Benefits of a Power Of Attorney

A general POA can handle a variety of matters depending on the requirements of an individual. Some advantages are as follows:

  • It can handle specified tasks without having you to personally present in Dubai.
  • It saves you significant time, money, and effort.
  • It can be used to represent real estate matters and finalize the transaction on your behalf.
  • It is a crucial legal document, especially for foreign property transactions.

Risks Relating to Issue of Power Of Attorney

Giving legal authorization obviously entails an element of risk. It requires a tremendous amount of trust while designating someone as your legal agent. Your agent can make crucial decisions that are legally enforceable on you.

It is, therefore, important to confirm that you are elated with the conditions stipulated in the POA document. You must also be confident that your attorney is competent and trustworthy. Your attorney must have the required expertise and familiarity to work on your behalf. It is recommended to do thorough research on certain rules and regulations before signing a POA.

Procedure to Sign a Power Of Attorney 

For people present in the UAE

MyPOA is among the most reputable law firms that can prepare a POA without plagiarism unlike general POA firm in Dubai that use standard templates for all their clients and use fixed language which may not fulfill your specific requirements. It is ideal to create a POA by MyPOA. Once we prepare the document, it will be verified and validated by the Public Notary in the UAE. Then, the UAE Embassy authorizes it in the country of origin of the person seeking a POA. 

Here are certain points to remember regarding the POA for people in the UAE:

  • If the grantor is present in UAE, then POA can be issued by the same day or within a few hours.
  • If the grantor is outside the UAE, then POA will be issued in approximately two weeks depending on the specific country where the document requires legalization. 
  • The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs needs to certify the document if the POA is authorized in a foreign country. You will be mandated to pay general power of attorney charges.
  • All the documents must be translated in the Arabic language.

For people present outside the UAE

If you are not present in the UAE, then a POA can be signed before the notary public in the home country following the legal process to make the document valid for use in the UAE. The authorization starts in the home country and will be completed in the UAE. The papers submitted in the Notary Public of Dubai should be authentic and include the correct information. 

Here are certain points to remember regarding the POA for people outside the UAE:

  • It is significant to sign the POA before a public notary in your home country. The presence of a public notary confirms the validity of the signatures.
  • The document must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country of residence to legalize the document at an international level.
  • The document should be submitted to the UAE Embassy for certification.
  • Once the document is certified, it is submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE. It validates the authenticity of the documents and certifies the POA document after paying the general power of attorney charges. After this the POA will be legally valid for use in the UAE. 

Non-Arabic-speaking people must get the document drafted in a bilingual format. This helps to understand the document in the English before the Arabic translation. The document is required to be signed either in the Arabic language or in the bilingual format (English and Arabic) before it is presented in a public notary.

Why Choose MyPOA

  1. MyPOA has an exceptional market reputation for providing high quality services pertaining to powers of attorney in the UAE. MyPOA is more reliable than the local general POA firm in Dubai. 
  2. Our professionals are available to proffer comprehensive assistance with regards to signing power of attorney at the notary public and other courts across the UAE. 
  3. Our team holds strong expertise in the authorization of POA in the UAE and around the world. 
  4. MyPOA is certain to be a good option for everyone who is looking for a reliable partner to act as their attorney. We take it upon ourselves to fulfill all transactions in Dubai and across the UAE in a proficient manner.
  5. Our team will assist to prepare an authentic and valid Power of Attorney to use in the United Arab Emirates or overseas.
  6. MyPOA helps you to obtain your Golden Visa in Dubai 


A power of attorney in the UAE can be revoked by visiting the Notary Public or online. If you plan to revoke your POA by visiting the Notary Public, you require a revocation notice, which MyPOA can draft for you. If you wish to do it online, contact us for details about the crucial procedure.

Yes, you can appoint multiple attorneys to act on your behalf. However, whether the agents can work alone or jointly must be clearly stated.

An individual must be at least 21 years or older to issue a power of attorney.


Drafting and Remote e-Notarization
AED 1699
  • POA drafting - English and Arabic
  • Prepration in 8 working hours
  • Unlimited amendments
  • Unlimited free consultations
  • Inclusive of notary public fee for one (1) principal
  • Physical signing assistance at Notary Public in Dubai in 2-3 working days
  • E-notarization in 2 to 3 working days


Drafting and Physical Notarization
AED 1299
  • POA drafting - English and Arabic
  • Prepration in 8 working hours
  • Unlimited amendments
  • Unlimited free consultations
  • Inclusive of notary public fee for one (1) principal
  • Physical signing assistance at Notary Public in Dubai in 2-3 working days
  • E-notarization in 2 to 3 working days


Drafting service only
AED 699
  • POA drafting - English and Arabic
  • Prepration in 8 working hours
  • Unlimited amendments
  • Unlimited free consultations
  • Inclusive of notary public fee for one (1) principal
  • Physical signing assistance at Notary Public in Dubai in 2-3 working days
  • E-notarization in 2 to 3 working days